Our Journey

While we have been influenced by many teachers and been deeply touched and inspired by the words of those that have walked the path before us, practice on and off the mat is and will always be our true Master. In that sense it is The Buddha who serves us as a role model, a Teacher. He lived a life of bravery and uncompromising seeking for depth. Left a life of comfort for a life of Meaning and for the meaning of Life, committed himself to Truth and abandoned many Masters, in search for it. To his example we humbly bow and we venture together in to a pathless land.

We love yoga, all of it. Our practice is changing with the years and both the practice and the years are changing us but our love for the art of yoga just keeps growing. As our understanding of the practice deepens and we mature as people and yogis, we realise that yoga is not something you do, or an instruction manual describing how to live, but it's instead an open ended proposal that invites us to wake up to our innate intelligence and heart. For us it's become a loving exploration of our most naked humanity, of our incredible potential and our vulnerable nature.
For that purpose we are open to all the fruits that the big tree of yoga has to offer without limiting ourselves to a particular view or branch. The powerful movement meditation of a flow vinyansa practice, the healing power of a yin session, the heart warming approach of Tibetan Buddhism or the insightful clarity that Vipassana meditation provides are only a few of the examples of the rich color palette that yoga offers us. Some people fall in love with a color, we did with the whole rainbow and find that each one of its tonalities is precious. Yoga is truly a jewel. So, we here formally invite you to come to one of our retreats and fall in love with yoga.