September 1-2
Saturday 9.30-12.00
Practices for when things fall apart
When the shit hits the fan, when the heart is broken, when life feels so overwhelming that you just want to curl up in a ball and hide...there are many ways in which yoga gives us the tools in which to handle life's hardship stress and bad news. In this session we'll discuss and rediscover them on the mat and cushion.

Saturday 13.30-15.00
Sharpening the mind
Our mind is our greatest asset but can also in times of stress, pressure and crisis be our biggest enemy. To awaken the vast intelligence inherent in mind is the topic for this Saturday afternoon. Using meditation as our main tool we'll work with it's ability to harness attention and cultivate the persistence and stubburness to sustain our awareness.

Sunday 09.30-12.00
Waking up!
Whether you feel great, wonderful with plenty of energy to spare or lethargic, lazy and unwilling to move, a joyful yang practice is a great tool to unleash or rediscover our energetic selves. Working with breath bandha and alignment we will bring life to your mind and body through a strengthening, awakening, dynamic movement session. Bring your towel...

Sunday 13.30-15.00
All you need is Love
Our heart will through it's journey through life experience hurt sorrow and disappointment and very often this blinds us to see feel and experience the inherent goodness that resides at it's depth. Opening up to our tender soft side and healing some of it's pain will be at the centre of our discussion and practice this afternoon. You bring your soft spot we'll provide the tissues.

Dates & Prices

Amsterdam Weekend Course
@ Studio 7

2019 dates coming soon!!

Stockholm Weekend Course
@ Nacka Yoga Studio

September 1-2, 2018
Schedule both days

Price: 1,500 SEK
To register:
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