What now...

If I've found any sort of conclusion as the circling stars above my head settle after this life punch, is that yoga and meditation are now more important than ever.
What now...
What now...
Dear all, the unexpected happened. And to give it a spice, for all at the same time. A global threat caused a global reaction and within a couple of months much of the world's population is at home. And much of that much, in fear. It seems we'll make it through the virus but we're yet to see what kind of world we'll build after it. A virus that has cracked through the weakened foundations of our life style to show us, both what is beautiful and must be repaired and reinforced, but also what has over the course of time gotten so eroded, so corroded, that needs change.
And that is happening individually, collectively and globally at the same time for everyone. A butterfly effect of gigantic proportions. And although everyone might be finding different answers, we are at least, all for once in the same boat: the asking questions boat. And something tells me that this time is specially important that we keep that boat sailing for a while. That we keep asking questions and talk about it, a lot. What is working, what is not, and how to steer this inevitable change we're facing towards a sustainable, kind and free world, a loving world.

What brought us here? What can we do to be better prepared for the future? Which habits and tendencies are no longer sustainable, in this new world? Which is the degree of solidarity and compassion that we humams share with one another and with nature, beyond our nationality, our economic class, our beliefs, gender, age or race? How important is freedom of thought, action and speech for each one of us? Is the response that we are taking the most appropriate one, considering the current data about the virus? Do we trust our administrators and our information media in the delivery of such data and in applying such huge limitations to our civil liberties, without further scrutiny? Are we fully aware of the future implications, some of them for generations to come, of the decisions we are taking now? Have we considered other alternatives carefully enough? Are we allowing brilliant creative minds to expose and develop new ideas when we need them the most? Will we manage to restore dialogue, tolerance and the right to disagree about important issues when all this is over? Is the curiosity of the human mind, in its exploration of technological development, being fueled by the kindness of the human heart, or by the greed of the human ego? Are we going to let fear stir us in this new direction, or will we chose that direction from loving wisdom? So many unanswered questions, would like to chat with you about it all. I do in my head sometimes.

With so many of us living in the planet, totally interconnected in almost real time through incredibly advanced and complex technology, and with political and financial structures so intricately woven into each other, both locally and globally, to bring this boat safely to harbour, is gonna take an unprecedented global stand for compassion, not greed, as the primary energy behind our evolution as a species. The wisdom to execute this shift from greed to compassion skilfully is going to require a surgeon's precision. And the courage to change not only direction but even... a whole paradigm, will need that we're all very connected with our inner truth, relaxed as we see it change, allowing that change to happen.

Personally the whole thing caught me going in the opposite direction. I had a lovely calm winter that ended in a personal retreat in Morocco, was enjoying surfing and nature on a daily basis , getting ready to move to a new house and so looking forward to starting a new working season. To teach, to give shiatsu, to connect with you in retreat, to write again and to give shape to some exciting new projects bubbling in my mind. By all means it felt like a moment for expansion. Talk about the universe's sense of humor, it all came to a halt. Stay, sit, think, reorient, realign, reinvent yourself. So i, like everyone else, have paused and taken this time to think, meditate, practice, seek comfort and guidance in nature, in love and a little bit, in chocolate cake.

If I've found any sort of conclusion as the circling stars above my head settle after this life punch, is that yoga and meditation are now more important than ever. That looking in, turning intimately into our fragile nature and find the interconnectedness that binds us to all that exists is a prerequisite to later take skilful decisions as individuals, countries or as humans as a whole. That if we want to spread wisdom and love out in the world, we need to tap into the fountain from which both spring. The humanity within. And that, once we find the outline of that compassionate wisdom within, the time has come to find the courage to live by it. And the outline of this wisdom says again and again that no real change will be brought across unless we do it together. Lovely broken, confused, lost at times, but courageously living inside this strange field of ordinary corrupt human love, we are all trying to make sense of existence and we are all doing it under the same sun, over the same earth. Let's reach for one another, find each other, and finally accept that we are all in this together.

And following that conviction a very strong feeling: I miss you. Very much. I miss teaching, i miss giving shiatsu, i miss practicing together, or chatting over breakfast or bumping heads when we put our shoes on after class. I miss surfing with you and hugging you and dancing with you and laughing with you and wiping your tears. I miss having an immediate way to express my care and appreciation of you, the feeling of doing something useful and the daily reminder that my work has given me for over a decade now: that we are all the essentially same. One breath with many lungs.

So, as soon i am able i will continue to teach yoga and meditation and give shiatsu. As soon as i can i hope to see you in retreat, in class or on the shiatsu mattress. Nothing can substitute the experience of kind empathy while in the presence of another. Practicing in person with a caring teacher who understands your situation and wants to help you design your own strategy for health and happiness, is vital in order to find depth and shake away old physical or mental habits, but we don't know how long it'll take till we have the oportunity to bump heads again. So i will fight my resistance to put myself in front of the camera and will finally do online teaching.

The format of the class methodology, the degree of interaction, the technicalities, the schedule for the future and what will i do with this inexplicable hair of mine, is yet to be solved and decided, but during the whole month of May Jenny and i will teach two classes a day online on a donation basis. We will inform you shortly of the streaming platform we'll use and of the schedule details. It will very much be a trial and error process to find my voice without having you in the room, but i'll try to deliver a quality result both visually and pedagogically, so i ask for your kind patience and support during this time. I'll get there. And at the end of it, by June, we will announce the schedule for the rest of the year, for both on-site and on-line teachings.

So, May: An Online Month Yoga and Meditation Retreat, with Jenny and Igor. If you're still home, and wanna practice together, tune in for the full program. If by then you're lucky and already roaming around free again come say hi in the eve, we'll be with you then.

Soon, in your living room, we keep you posted. Hope you're well and that you find yourself sane, warm and healthy. That you find yourself loved. You are.

Big hug.


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