The Jewel of Yoga Training Course consists of two residential, all inclusive Modules. In order to complete the full teacher training you must complete the 2 Modules. However you are welcome to take part in Module 1 as a deepening of your practice without the obligation to take part in Module 2. After you complete Module 1 you are also free to take part in Module 2 at a later date, as these courses will take place, alternatively, every year.

07.30 Wake up
08.00 Pranayama & Yang Yoga
10.00 Breakfast
11.00 Module 1: Workshop - Alignment, Bandha, anatomy and physiology
11.00 Module 2: Teaching methodology and ethics
13.00 Lunch
15.00 Dhamma Talk - Psychology, spirituality and relationships
17.00 Meditation & Yin Yoga
19.00 Dinner


- A minimum of five-year relationship with yoga, at least two of which have been regular practice.
- Meditation is a part of your practice, more or less, with success or with difficulties, it is of interest for you.
- A complete application form, with a presentation letter attached, introducing yourself, your motivation to participate in the training, and explaining your current emotional, mental and physical state. We want to know a bit about you so please, make it personal
- Reading the proposed material for the course


The Jewel of Yoga was born with the desire to bring forth an authentic yoga practice, one rooted in awareness, freedom and kindness, independent of fashion or fads, and one useful to deal with the physical, mental or emotional issues that might arise in our lives. We have taught through retreats, workshops, classes and privately to hundreds, probably thousands of people for over 10 years now and young or old, healthy or sick, strong or weak, expert and beginners alike, from all over the world have felt empowered by and fallen in love with yoga again after practicing with us.

We have absorbed yoga from many different sources, our teachings are naturally eclectic, based on ‘reading the room’ and on creating a precise language that emanates from a dedicated practice that has spanned two decades now. Being able to bind a vast array of spiritual, physical and psychological traditions seamlessly, in a way that not only makes sense for you but also for your student, is the rare skill that in our opinion makes a good teacher. To honor your teachers by scratching their words, forgetting what they said and recycling what was left in a way that remains true while still feeling that it comes from a place that is authentically you. This process of critically digesting the information you’ve been given and then pay it forward from a space of flexible kindness, gives birth to a rich, vibrant and open-minded approach to teaching yoga, an approach that is most necessary nowadays.

Yoga is freedom and systems kill freedom. A training course implies a certain degree of systematisation and we admit we have hesitated and resisted thus far to take the step. There is a traditional saying in yoga that the teachings should only be taught when there is a demand from the student, and so many of you have during the years asked us to offer you a comprehensive course where we explain and spread this open, horizontal approach to the practice. This training is our answer to your request. If you have never practiced with us before, have a look at our website, read through and see if you find it interesting. Any doubt, we are here to clarify it.

If you see yoga as a tool for self discovery and self acceptance. If you enjoy your physicality and are willing to work with your body with honor and respect. If you want to investigate the art of meditation in a detailed, warm and undogmatic way. If you want to deeply understand the different building blocks of the yoga practice but have the freedom to arrange them your way, both for you and for your students. If you seek truth but want to feel free and respected in its pursuit.

Then, this is your training.

You are most welcome,
Jenny and Igor

Dates & Prices

November 3-16, 2019
Module 1
This module will focus on developing depth and sensitivity in your own meditation and asana practice.


Shared double €2,800
Shared (triple or four) €2,500
Single (upon request if available) €4,100

November 1-14, 2020

Module 2

By the time you reach this second module you have been integrating the information from the first one during months. We will continue where we left off in the first module by going deeper and subtler. The positions and exercises examined will imply an increased difficulty and a separate daily class will be dedicated to teaching methodology.

Shared double €2,800
Shared (triple or four) €2,500
Single (upon request if available) €4,100

Included in price:

13 nights accommodation
3 daily organic vegetarian meals, additional snacks and teas available at all times
Teachertraining schedule Module 1 or 2
All equipment including yoga mats, blankets, pillows, blocks, straps etc

Not included in the price:

Travel insurance
Transfers to and from Faro airport (We can assist with arrangements)

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