Session 1
The full practice 1: From Yin to Yang
We enter yoga through the door of meditation and breath, to develop sensitivity and acknowledge our bodies’ natural alignment before we dive into a soft but precise movement practice.

Session 2
Workshop in alignment
An exploration of structural integrity and efficiency both in movement and stillness, of how to subtly align the skeleton and deepen our range of movement by creating more freedom and space in our joints.

Session 1:
The full practice 2: From Yang to Yin
We enter yoga through movement and dynamic release and move into a joyful flow session. When we’re warm we’ll revisit alignment and finish the session with breath and meditation.

Session 2:
Workshop in meditation
A practice of self enquiry to understand the functional presence of meditation in our lives.

Dates & Prices

Amsterdam Weekend Course
March 14-15, 2020
12.00 - 18.00 both days
@ De Nieuwe Yogaschool
Laurierstraat 109
Price: €160 for the weekend